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    In 2004, in between her times on the show, she expanded her career by writing the screenplay for "Mean Girls".

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    Neouroplasticity " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone wp-image-472" src=" width="487" height="325" / That’s if I’m not wrong about 6 h of playing without logging out (well… Just say to yourself: ‘I’m in control’, you can remind it all you want, BUT I WON’T PLAY IT AGAIN. Instead of thinking about what you like of the game, I want you to think (whenever you feel like playing it again) about the negative side, that’s all, think about the negative effects in your life of the game.

    I know both sides of the story from Afghanistan and UK, and now issues in Syria are arising, and what is happening is that the government don't care about the people, just innocent lives taken away but mass murderers and disgusting human beings, I'd like to stop all these attack by joining up the army.

    As a gamer I know what it is to be attached to a game. the last game I played was clash of clans for mobile devices.

    This game is incredibly addictive, it involves creativity, military strategy and even worse… I read many articles about how to quit clash of clans, but hey they are all useless to me, so I found some key points that helped me get the . -How many bosses have you had for the position you know you can have but never got? Get an empty notebook with white papers, and then paste some pictures of how you want to see yourself in the future, for example mine are a picture of Greg Plitt, an office with my private business, a good person and hot girlfriend, being able to sleep at night in peace because I did everything I had due to do, and I didn’t postpone it because of laziness or games, a house, and a dog.

    -You get up and check your account, go for a run, check your account, shower, check your account, eat while raiding or reading messages, … -When it’s time to go to bed and you want to keep playing the game because something has attached you now, let’s say you are waiting to give some troops to your team mates but the troops won’t be ready until 15 mt. -You tell everybody that you quit it but you are still playing it in silence. If you are addicted to clash of clans and you play more games on the phone, Playstation, Xbox, or any other device, you WILL eventually come back to it. On my early days I remember that I couldn’t stop checking at my phone since I was so used to check clash of clans more than 10 times an hour. Honestly the game was on my head for a long time (YES, It will be in your head, so what? we are trying to get rid of games, not get involved in something else with the same purpose). I would skip it many times because I would feel lazy from being playing all day, so once you quit the game, focus your mind on the hobby. If your mind keep coming back to the game, this is what I want you to do…

    -You spend hours planning a revenge or a war attack. The importance of focusing about your future dream and not an imposible dream like having super powers, where focus goes energy goes. I would open it, and see that there was nothing there, not a single game, so I would close it again. I also couldn’t stop thinking about the game, it wasn’t that I wanted to download it anymore, it was the fact that I left it, that it was present on my mind, like… It’s your mind, you control it, you keep thinking about it? Go outside where the sun is, and breath, look at the sky and how beautiful life is in real life, look at your motivational pictures (let’s say a girl/guy in good shape and you are trying to have a similar body), other thing that you can do is: DON’T think about playing the game, DON’T imagine yourself playing it or building stuff.

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